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I've been dabbling for a long time in music production, but I've never made a huge investment into it. It's something I'm interested in and would love to do more of, but it's an expensive hobby, both in terms of time and money. I have maybe over 100 unfinished projects that remain unfinished mostly because of my limitations in talent, technical capability, and access to resources such as production hardware. It's not something I do for immediate results. It's a pursuit over the course of many years. When what I am working on is done, it's done.

I go by an alias of 'Ed Vedra' and you can find all of my bi-weeklly DJ mixes and production experiments through that name. With my DJ mixes, I have shifted away from a focus on 'DJ mixing' and towards a focus purely on track selection and programming. Since I first started DJ'ing back in 2008, I've never believed that being a DJ has to purely mean you can beat-match, and that one has to restrict themselves to that technique in order to be a DJ. I belive that the output is the only thing that matters, not matter how it's made. Yes, I can beat-match, and I've proven that fine enough over the last decade. What I want to focus on now is providing an interesting experience an hour or two at a time, and doing so using technology and 'my ear'. I want to mix several pre-existing tracks together at once, not just 2. I want to do something more. That's where I'm headed with my 'Ed Vedra' project, which is in its earliest stages.

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