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Taking Action

I've had an interest in politics since 9/11. That horrible day motivated me to join the US Air Force at the age of 19. I did so because I wanted to do my part. I didn't know what I wanted to do, but at the time it felt right.

Everyone was ultra patriotic at that time - so looking to the military was easy bandage to apply to the wound. However, in my naiveté I quickly learned (surely, as many who were older than me already knew) how the US military is owned by private oil interests and other economic manipulators. So I left. Soon after, I became inspired by Obama's message of hope. Over the next few years, I became disillusioned with his continuation of so many Bush era policies. Hey, he was better than Romney. Skip forward another four years, and I supported Bernie in 2016 - only to see him stymied by the corporate Democrat establishment who would rather push their weak and bought out candidate, than listen to the people. The one silver lining in this is that at least I know elections can't be completely rigged.

And now here we are. We've ended up with the worst imaginable situation.

Everyone gets a bit more political when it's a political season. It's natural, but I think the entire next four years may prove to be a long winter for all of us. I don't have any illusions that I'm going to 'save the world' with an Instagram photo or a tweet, but I do know how to leverage social media to engage and activate interests - and I plan to do so moving forward.

I won't be apologetic for shifting to a more political tone in my social media presence, since for so long I've decided to carefully exclude any strong opinions out of fear of that hurting me in some way. I think it's time I stand for something. I'm choosing to have a 'voice'. There is nothing wrong with that, and as I speak my voice more informed, and ultimately more confidently, I'll find my place.

It's time to organize however possible, starting today, from the bottom and inform and remind people: Nov 6, 2018 elect out every corporatist politician on both the left and the right on the mid-term elections. That interest in politics I've had for so many years will finally become Taking Action.

I plan to become active in this effort through @justicedemocrats by @theyoungturks & @theyoungturks. Register at JusticeDemocrats.com.

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