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This isn't my setup...but wow if it was, I would do so much incomplete work here.

I Never Finish Anything

I treat Ableton Live like a sketch pad. I enjoy producing electronic music (even though I don't think I'm all that great at it), and typically I start projects with something that's stuck in my head, and I never finish it. Okay, actually more like I pretty much always leave projects unfinished. At this moment I have 183 projects on my hard drive, coming out to about 11GB. Some music finished, but never published. Most music is not finished, and just sitting there about 80% done. Other projects are just short loops that sound amazing and never went anywhere. I never finish anything. I guess that's alright because like I said, Ableton Live is like my sketch pad. Not everything has to be finished.

I'm kind of hoping that by publishing this blog post I can either push myself over that edge and finish everything (or at least some of it...let's be real here), or maybe just abandon everything that's incomplete and start totally fresh. I'm just thinking out loud, and I'll likely take the projects I really enjoy and finish those up.

I'm rambling. Either way, I love music production the same way I used to love drawing and painting when I was younger. At my parents house, there's at least a few dozen canvases or papers of various mixed media from high school art class projects that I spent way too much time on and actually did finish. I remember times when I already got the A grade on a project but kept going and going until I finished. Sometimes at the detriment to newer assignments. I'm not sure what changed, but I'm going to fix that with some finished music this year. It's like a creative switch in my brain was always turned on.

For the last few years, I've reorganized my priorities to be 'work first' and although that's great, it's not without its downfalls. I've been lacking (and missing) that creative part of me. It seems as though in the last couple months I've felt that creativity switch turning back on...for better or worse, it's for a variety of reasons I'd rather keep to myself. I will say though, I partly blame Wynwood Miami. From the first day I stepped foot into that neighborhood, I started to remember why I started creative projects, whether it's a music production or some drawing when I was a kid. I did it because I needed to, and because I listened to that need. I guess moral of the story is don't stop doing the things you love doing just because work gets in the way, or you're too busy, or you're too tired, or [some other excuse here].


I used to have a mix of complete length tracks on my Soundcloud, but about a year ago I realized that dumb and turned everything into short previews. The last thing I published was also about a year ago, which I also never finished (see what I mean?). Have a listen, I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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