My favorite time of year…deep summer. This is a particularly laid back, sun-soaked episode. Perfect for daytime chilling out by the pool, on a boat, whatever you like. Let it wash over you…It’s my favorite episode of the series so far. Recorded in one take on Pioneer XDJ-R1.


  1. Alex Barck & Stee Downes - Who Do You Love?
  2. Movement Art - Movement Ways (Deep Side)
  3. Nascii - Move With My Body
  4. Michael Jackson - You Rock My World (Pakem Edition)
  5. Strafe - Set It Off (Kolombo Rework)
  6. Malia - Tears Run Dry (The Dimitri From Paris Dub)
  7. Sylvester - Mighty Bloody Real (Joey Negro Unreleased Disco Dub)
  8. Kasual - Dan Bilzerian (Original Edit)
  9. Audiowerk - Chiffy
  10. Danny Serrano & Hector Couto - Murmullos (Original Mix)
  11. Mike Grant - My Soul, My Spirit (Mr.Gs Freeform Train Mix)
  12. Steve Nash - Simple Sign (Original Mix)
  13. Sinc & Matteo Spedicati - Variation 2 (Original Mix)
Aral Balkan - “Free is a Lie”

take the hour and listen to this speaker.

it’s in a language anyone can understand: we should strive to be more in control of our own online privacy & data and not give it up so willingly to corporations. we don’t have to exchange privacy for a life “off-line”.

if you trust Google, Facebook or Apple with your information, prepare to have your eyes opened very widely.

Read the “Indie Tech Manifesto”

ESP05 - ed santiago podcast 05 - may 2014

a mix of deep house, tech house, progressive house. enjoy & share.


  1. Midland - Through Motion 
  2. Andre Crom - The Only One
  3. Milton Jackson - DSI
  4. Jonny Cade - A Sanguine (Huxley Remix)
  5. NTFO & Rhadow - Conclusions
  6. Alex Arnout - GiveU (Gwen Sweet Dub)
  7. Juan Sanchez - Movin’ (El Mundo & Satori Remix)
  8. Oxia - Perception
  9. Moodtrap - Out Of Time
  10. Pete Tong ft. S.Y.F. - Dawn (Hot Since 82 Remix)
  11. Chris Geka & Tecca - Shank N Feel (Rogervision & Fran Navaez Remix)
  12. Sebastian Leger - Grey Sky & Yellow Coconuts (Original Mix)
  13. Niko Schwind - Suffering (Alternate Version)