ed santiago

I love to DJ, produce music, and podcast. I love the technology that electronic music is built on. I'm a night-owl that loves mid-day on the beach. In another life I think I was a chef. I wish I was a designer of some kind. I don't make sense in the way that I went to school for management and minored in music theory. If given the opportunity, I'd drop everything and get an MA in Economics or join the Peace Corps. I probably keep up with politics way more than I should. I obsess over the news and analyse everything. I'm all over the place, but I guess if I had to choose, that'd be the best thing about me.

I 'figure things out'. I survive. I constantly try out new things. I adapt. I never box myself into one thing, and I see life itself as something far more valuable than some title or my Linkedin Profile views. In the end, it's all about doing what you love and not trying to impress anyone other than yourself. The world could do with a lot less ego.

But that's just me...